• This scheme is available only for a Girl Child
  • This scheme is only available to citizens of India. NRI’s cannot invest in this scheme
  • Age limit is 1day-10years
Maximum up to 150000 can be invested. However, the scheme gives an option that money can be invested in the following manner:
  1. In 1 year INR 1000 is the minimum amount that should be invested
  2. Lump sum

Other features of SukanyaSamridhi Scheme are as follows:

  • Amount can be deposited by Cash, Demand Draft, Cheque or Online Payment
  • Account is opened in the name of the Girl Child
  • Account will be operated by the guardian till the girl child attains the age 10 years
  • This scheme also gives the option that the account can even be operated by the child itself after 10 years of age
  • The scheme matures 21 years after opening of account
  • The amount deposited cannot be withdrawn if the scheme is not matured
  • However, 50% of amount can be withdrawn only for the fee of higher education of the child, if she attains 18 years of age or passes 10th
Note: The withdrawal amount can only be up to the fees payable
  • Termination
Scheme is terminated after 21 years from date of opening of account or when the girl child gets married whichever is earlier Account can remain open even after the marriage of the girl if the girl wants to continue but only until 21 years from date of opening Even if the amount is not withdrawn after the scheme is matured then the balance will not earn further interest
  • Interest- Interest rate earned on this scheme is 8.5% compounded yearly
  • Account Opening- Parents or guardian can open the account in the name of girl child
  • Any guardian is only allowed to open two accounts in the name of 2 girl child
  • But the guardian is given the option to open 3 accounts only if the 1st child is girl and the second birth is of twin girl child
  • The account can be opened in any public sector bank or post office. Also, the after opening of account if the child moves to any other city then the account can be transferred there


  • Birth certificate of the girl whose account is to be opened
  • Identity proof of person depositing the money
  • Residence proof of person depositing the money


Interest income earned from this scheme will be tax-free and accumulate till maturity.


  • You can also claim the deduction for the amount paid under this scheme up to INR 1.5 Lac u/s 80C
As interest is tax-free under this scheme of maturity there be no tax liability]]>