Once you have made your investment in shares of the companies you have selected, you cannot afford to simply forget about your investments and hope that someday, when you need the money and you check on your investments, they would have significantly risen in value. Companies go through business cycles of ups and downs, which affect their share prices. Not only this, companies also go through mergers, acquisitions, changes in managements, new business developments, etc., all of which affect their stock prices for the better or worse. You need to periodically monitor your company’s performance.


In addition to assessing the company’s performance, you need to keep track of developments in the economy since this affects the businesses of all corporates. For instance, in a year when the monsoons are good, companies’ businesses show a positive impact, especially those, which are directly affected by the monsoons.


With India becoming an integral part of the global economy, most companies’ are impacted with global developments. For instance, if the US raises or lowers the Fed rates, the impact is felt in our country, too. Similarly, if countries lower or increase their import quotas, our exporting companies are impacted. This implies the need to keep track of global market developments.


Information on the economy and news on the global markets are available in daily business publications and websites of foreign business publications.

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