About Us

Welcome to Investment Locker family! Only a family can understand the importance of your money. And, here at Investment Locker we do the same for you. We believe in making you Financially Literate.

For all individuals, finance is a very critical part of our life. But, for managing the same we need to have thorough knowledge about the financial instruments. In order to get such information you usually have to gather the information from different sources.

Therefore, in order to make it simple we at Investment Locker are trying to provide you all the information needed on one platform.

Harsh Mahajan is the founder of Investment Locker is a Certified Financial Planner. He established this company in 2005 and after having a decade’s experience is now willing to spread the financial knowledge and awareness by way of blogs on different finance related topics under one platform.

Our Financial information is entirely based on market analysis and experiences faced by our clients.

AIM and Vision of Investment Locker

Our vision is to make each individual financially literate. And, we aim at providing financial knowledge to investors who can be beginners or even known market players.


You may also join our webpage to get linked with us as a reader (by subscribing via Email) as our blogs provide you knowledge about the hidden terms of the investment options. In addition to it you can receive complete information regarding financial related topics that could give you some new piece of financial knowledge.


We look forward in providing the best financial investment experience here at Investment Locker.